IMPRESSION Series - Is our UV Printed line - check back often as we add to the collection.

G-SkinZ Series - Is our UV Printed overlays for multiple props so that you can change up the look from holiday to holiday.


SHIPPING - Our average time from order to ship is currently at 5-7 business days.  For items that say "Slit for Shipping" you can request they not be slit in the notes section and you will be invoiced for shipping.  Note that oversize fees apply and shipping is approximately $200+ for a 46" prop.  Additionally, some orders may need to be shipped in multiple boxes depending on sizes and quantity of products. If a shipping adjustment needs to be made we will invoice you separately.  

SHIPPING METHOD - All Shipping methods are from the point of being boxed up and weighed - even if an express option is selected that does not bump the order up in queue, that just means that once boxed it will ship with the express option selected.  Also, adding a light show name in the business name field only gives you the option of shipping "ground" which is for businesses only and results in us having to send an invoice for the additional shipping incurred as it's a home delivery which are more expensive so unless the package is going to a business please do not add anything into the field.

CUSTOM WORK - for custom requests or to submit a prop idea please message us through the "Message Us" link on this page or @

xLights MODELS/Wiring Diagrams -  Almost all of our catalog is now available through the xLights software. Under the layout tab click on the down arrow. Drag a box on the screen where you want the new prop and a window will pop up. Select the new prop you would like to install.

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 RETURNED ORDERS - There will be a 15% restock fee on any returned orders.


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