Spooky Tree (3 Options)

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Deadly Nightshade and Devil's Claw singing "Thriller by Michael Jackson from Billy Murray on Vimeo.


Here is a great video by Kyle Bostick on "how to" install - https://youtu.be/VeJrtxmI_9E?si=d7VaeXcvfrgrfd7z

This is a massive Spooky Tree designed for 12mm bullet pixels or mini lights

  • Measures approximately 10 feet tall and 8.5 feet wide
  • Comes with a backer plate for the body as well as all branches/branch backers -noted 1-5 with corresponding holes
  • Branch 4 is 2 pieces with a backer plate for joining
  • Model A will need a jumper from the face to the outline
  • Works best with 4" spacing pixels
  • Ships in a 48x36 inch box and the body is Cut in half and slit down the back to fold for shipping
  • Material is 10mm heavy duty black or white coroplast
  • 100% Designed & Made in the USA

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