90 Degree Mini Corner

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The 196 node 90-Degree Mini Corner prop is part of our versatile Vine Collection designed for 12 mm bullet pixels, and the smaller sibling to our standard 90-Degree Corner (196 nodes versus 414 nodes). All props in the collection are designed to work together, interchangeably. This prop is specifically intended to make it easy to transition a horizontal run to a vertical run. Combine this prop with others in the collection to create your own unique, customized layout. Rotate or flip the prop to the orientation you need.

  • Measures approximately 2-feet by 2-feet square
  • Use this prop as the intersection between a horizontal and vertical run
  • Zip-tie slots on each end make it easy to align and fasten together multiple vine props
  • Material is 10mm heavy duty white or black coroplast

Designed by Sidewalk Spectaculars. View example sequences and download the free xLights models at www.sidewalkspectaculars.com

100% Designed and Made in the USA

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