ColorLight 5A-75B LED Screen Receiving Card

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ColorLight 5A-75B LED Screen Receiving Card Features:

Integrated HUB75, no need to match the adapter plate, more convenient and lower cost;
• Reduce the number of plug-in connectors and reduce the number of points of failure;
• Supports conventional chips to achieve high refresh, high gray, high brightness;
• New grayscale engine for better performance in low grayscale;
• Detail processing is more perfect, can eliminate the cell board design caused by a line of dark, low gray partial red, ghosting and other details of the problem;
• Support 14bit precision chroma, brightness integration point by point correction;
• Supports all conventional chips, PWM chips and lighting chips;
• Support static screen, 1/2 ~ 1/32 scan between any type of scan;
• Supports any spot, supports data offset, can easily achieve a variety of special-shaped screen, spherical screen, creative display;
• Single card supports 16 groups RGB signal output;
• Supports large load area;
• Advanced design, high-quality components, automatic high and low temperature aging test, zero fault factory;
• Supports DC 3.3V ~ 6V ultra-wide operating voltage, effectively reducing the impact of voltage fluctuations;
• Supports all sending devices such as iT7 card, iQ7 HD transmitter, iQ7E, Gigabit LAN, C series.

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