Cable Extensions (X-Connect, Ray Wu, Paul Zhang)

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graphical user interface, application

Black, Brown, Green, or White, 3 core waterproof extension cable, one end with male, the other end with female

Way to Connect: Male and Female Ends Push In
Material (External):PVC Plastic
Color: Black. Brown, or Green

Cable Outside Diameter 6mm
Total Length: 2, 5, 10, or 20 feet

Max Input Voltage/Current: 220V / 5A

Conductive area :  0.75m²(18awg)

  • The 3 PIN Waterproof connector for LED strips, LED wall-washers, LED underground light, LED rope right, LED belt light, curtain light, twinkle light and so on.
  • Connect reliable and effective water-proof.

 Standard pinout diagram for our pixel lights:


Brown:- 5/12v +
Yellow: data
Blue: GND

Input end: male connector(screw end with bare pin)

Output end: female connector(with hole)

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