Icicle-Roofline Combo Mounting System

Roof Pitch: Flat Roofline or 0 Degrees


  • Our new design to allows you to use a regular pixel strand or icicle strand
  • Total nodes are 150 per 7.5 foot section which ships in two pieces (one 8 icicle section & one 7 icicle section) with zip tie holes for EZ installs - Mounting holes for either roof clips or attach to emt or pvc
    • Roofline is 45 nodes and spacing is at 2"
    • 15 Icicle drops @ 6" apart - icicle spacing is 1.5"
    • 7 nodes per icicle plus 1 for the roofline 
  • Designed in 6mm white coro
  • 100% Designed and made in the USA

© 2019 Jason Gilbert All Rights Reserved

If ordering for a pitched roof please measure your roofline pitch using the following method.

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